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Team-Building Game Unlocking Vulnerability & Empathy

The perfect remote team-building activity optimized for common video communication platforms!

KeepWOL is a card game turned HR Tech Startup. We make traditionally awkward or difficult conversations comfortable by creating an inclusive, empathetic environment through digital games optimized for video. KeepWOL lets diversity of thought, character, and paths traveled shine through.

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Monthly Virtual Game Nights!

Experience a communal therapeutic experience without the therapist.

Keep Wondering Out Loud, aka KeepWOL, is a competitive conversation game for nosy people! It’s where wondering meets confession. KeepWOL entices your senses by providing revealing, entertaining, and sometimes a bit uncomfortable honesty!  With juicy categories, provocative questions, crazy penalties, and expansion packs to fit any environment, KeepWOL is sure to bring the most out of all who play! 

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