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About KeepWOL

KeepWOL, which means Keep Wondering Out Loud, is a questions game that provides topics and questions that help facilitate deep, meaningful, fun, but sometimes serious conversations. The game asks the not-so-typical, at times provocative, questions that make you really have to dig deep to answer. Not only that, but these questions allow players to talk about their experiences, get advice, learn more about each other, and find commonalities.

When you think about KeepWOL and what it is like to play, you need to think about a game that allows you to show the real you. Your character, your intelligence, and your vulnerabilities are all put on display during this game. These are the important things that people love about one another and this game helps to put the focus back on them.

"KeepWOL can be played with your close friends, spouse, significant other, family, co-workers, and even strangers! Just choose your deck wisely, because there are some topics you might not want to discuss with certain people (wink, wink). So, would you like to Wonder Out Loud with us? If the answer is yes, then come and visit our Products Page and pick up a deck."

Why We Do What We Do

The core idea behind our game is to help people rediscover genuine and authentic human interaction. We do this by providing a platform and a game that encourages thought provoking conversations by Wondering Out Loud.

Meet Our Chief Wonderer

Hi! I’m Lauren, the founder and creator of KeepWOL. My absolute favorite thing to do is to have conversations! I love talking! If there was a Ph.D. in conversing, I would have graduated Summa Cum Laude. I love asking probing questions about life, love, self-reflection, and sex—basically anything that allows me to gain a deeper understanding of the person I am engaged in conversation with.

Oh… did I mention that I am a sucker for tea? I love juicy conversations! I love hearing people's stories, hearing the emotion and passion behind the words they speak, figuring out how we relate, and finding the commonalities we possess. I created KeepWOL for people who are looking to have meaningful, fun conversations that allow them to be seen, heard, and understood.