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Icebreaker Ideas for Your Next Workshop

Glenn Shanks Jr.

Tags career, game, ice breaker, professional, workshop

Workshops are the perfect place to acquire new knowledge and meet other people. Some people are outspoken and free, while others are shy and reserved. The perfect way to get attendees to interact with each other is through icebreakers. Icebreakers are warm-up exercises that bring people together by making them more familiar with each other. Are you planning to host a workshop or seminar? Check out a few icebreaker ideas for your next group session:...

Great Game Night Ideas

Glenn Shanks Jr.

Tags date, date night, game, game night

Game nights are a fun way to relax, laugh, and catch up with family and friends on your week’s activities. Game nights are perfect for the holiday season, weekends, and vacations.  Are you new at game nights and looking for the perfect game to kick off your night? Or maybe you’re a pro game night host and looking for a new game to excite your guest. Check out these great ideas that will make your next game night a success:...

Great Ideas for First Dates

Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks

Tags conversation, date night, game, idea, picnic

You finally landed a date with the guy or gal of your dreams, but don’t know where to go for your first date. First dates can leave a person feeling nervous, awkward, and shy, especially when you don’t know what the other person’s interests are.  Are you searching for the best first date idea? Check out these three cool ideas to help break the ice on your first date:...

Crowd Fund? But Why?

Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks

Some may be wondering why we decided to launch KeepWOL via Kickstarter. The answer is simple; KeepWOL is a game for the people! Your input, your feedback, and your interests are what make this game so great!...

The KeepWOL Evolution

Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks

KeepWOL started as a simple way to engage in meaningful conversation between significant others for “at home” date nights and pillow talk. At the time, the game was simply called “the questions game” and was meant to strengthen their bond by learning new things about each other even after years of being together...