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Fun Christmas Activities

Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks

Tags Christmas, Fun, game, game night, Movies, Theme

The countdown to the jolliest time of the year is well underway. The holidays are the perfect time to spend with your family and loved ones. Unfortunately, getting into the holiday spirit can be overwhelming, especially after a tough year. If you looking for ways to boost your Christmas spirit, here are a few activities that will get you in the Christmas cheer this year:

How to Pick Out the Perfect Gift for Your Significant Other

Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks

Tags Best Friend, Boyfriend, Friend, Gift, Girlfriend, Perfect Gift, Significant Other, Soulmate, Spouse

Finding the perfect gift for your significant other can be challenging around the holiday season...especially when you have an indecisive partner. Seeing the priceless smile on your partner’s face may be your main goal, but the journey to get there can be quite stressful. Here are a few tips to make this Christmas extra special for your loved one this year.

Relationship or Situationship?

Glenn Shanks Jr.

Tags conversation, date night, game, game night, relationship

Are you falling head over heels about a special lady or gentleman, but can’t seem to tell if you’re in an exclusive relationship with each other? Situationships are real, and sometimes a person may be tied down for months or years without knowing. Here are some helpful tips that may help you determine the current status in your relationship...

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow-Up?

Glenn Shanks Jr.

Tags career, conversation, game, game night, idea

We’re often asked as children, what we want to be when we grow-up. Unfortunately, for some, that answer changes frequently as we enter adulthood. Choosing the perfect career is not easy, but here are some tips that will guide you along the way:...

Juicy Games for Nosy People

Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks

Tags game, game night, juicy, juicy game

Do you have a question(s) you’ve been dying to ask someone? Or do you want to learn a bit more about your significant other? Some questions may be awkward or uncomfortable to ask a person directly. You may not have the confidence to ask yourself or don’t know exactly how to approach the situation. Here are a few games that will help get your juicy questions answered:...