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    The Purpose

    Welcome to The Wondering Page! This is the place where we allow our Wonderers to express themselves. This is the place for you to generate and participate in thought provoking conversations by asking the questions that plague us all, but we tend to not openly discuss with others. These are things that we all can relate to or wonder about but are too shy, embarrassed or prideful to talk about. They are also entertaining questions that help us learn a little more about each other’s personality and character. The Wondering Page allows you to Wonder Out Loud and get important and fun topics and discussions out into the open. Let’s share with each other, our friends, families, significant others, and strangers alike.  Feel free to post questions and answers! Your question just might make it into one of our future decks!

    DOs and DON’Ts

    • DO post fun, deep, meaningful, interesting, provocative questions.
    • DON’T bully or troll anyone it will not be tolerated
    • DO provide feedback to other Wonderers when requested
    • DON’T bully or troll anyone! We mean it!
    • DO reply to any questions that are posed with your opinion and or experiences
    • DON’T bully or troll anyone! SERIOUSLY this is the last time we will say it!

    We reserve the right to delete anything we deem unacceptable for our site.

    Check back frequently to stay up to date on the conversation!

    Let’s learn more about one another. Let’s KeepWOL!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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